Recollect the Exciting Moments of Our First Month!

And many more to come…

Jan 11, 2022 marks the one month anniversary of our wonderful platform and community!

There have been so many remarkable moments in such a short time that we want to do a quick recap of our recent accomplishments as we continue to press forward.

12/11: Platform went live, airdropped fractions of LIQ the Solpunk to OG members. Exclusive episode oft SuperC for Crypto Podcast

12/12: First fractionalized NFT vault went live (Solstead — 448 Block Hills Dr)

12/15: SMB #3719 vault went live (sold out in 5 days!)

12/24: SolanaLand pre-announcement

12/28: ThugBirdz Podcast — Fireside Chat

12/31: SMB #3719 secondary market opened, powered by Serum

1/5: Degen Ape #9989 went live (sold out in 7 hours!!)

1/6: Meet the team Twitter Spaces

Additionally, as of today, we have 1.1k+ Discord members and 5k+ Twitter followers, not to mention the thousands of messages and feedback we have received. and . Thank you all for your love, support and feedback, and especially for embarking on this journey with us. We could not do it without you.

Stay tuned for really exciting updates around our upcoming projects:

  • SolanaLand: the first serialized NFT in Solana Metaverse
  • ETH NFTs: bringing in our first Etherum NFT to kick-off the first ever cross-chain fractionalization platform (tapping the power of Wormhole)
  • To the Moon: an NFT project that will be taken to the Moon, literally!




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